Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery in Turkey


Cataract Surgery

What is a cataract? Who can be seen?


Cataracts prevent vision with the loss of transparency of the natural lens behind the iris tissue, the colored part of the eye. It can also be defined as “blind eye” among the public. A detailed eye examination is required for its diagnosis. During the examination, visual acuity is measured and the natural lens is examined by expanding with a drop.


Although it is mostly seen in older ages;

  • Congenital in newborn babies,
  • Due to high blood sugar in diabetes patients,
  • Patients taking long-term cortisone medication, or
  • After the eye trauma can also be seen


How Is It Treated?


The treatment of cataracts is surgical, it cannot be treated with medication or glasses. Today, cataract surgery is performed using a technique called "phacoemulsification".


Cataract Surgery Types and Methods

The "Phacoemulsification (FAKO)" method is an effective method in cataract surgery. In this method, the cataract lens is broken down by ultrasound energy.

Today, "Femtosecond laser" is also used with FAKO technique. Then this process is called "Femto - FAKO".


How is the surgery done?

The operation is performed with drug drops on the eye and sedation from the arm. The operation takes about 15-20 minutes.

Entry cuts are done first. Then, the cataract lens is cleansed with FAKO, and an artificial lens is placed inside the eye. If Femtosecond laser will be used during the procedure, femtosecond laser is applied to the eye incisions and softening of the lens.


What is FAKO (phacoemulsification) technique?

In cataract surgery with FAKO, there is no suturing like classic surgery. For this reason, it is known as laser or seamless method among the public. In this technique, the eye is entered through a incision smaller than 3 mm, the lens's membrane is removed in a round shape, the cataract, i.e., the discovery eyepiece is absorbed by a device that gives ultrasound waves, and a new foldable eyepiece is placed in its place. The lenses used in this surgery are different from the lenses used in stitched cataract surgery.


What is the advantage of cataract surgery with FAKO to the patient?

It takes 15-20 minutes, is done with a special microscope, during which the patients do not feel anything. It is made from an extremely small cut gap, such as 3.5 mm, that is, the integrity of the eye is not impaired. Vision after surgery becomes much clearer than classical surgery. Faster recovery is provided after the operation.


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