Tourism ve Health Torusim in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey

A rich culture, historic sites, and awe-inspiring natural features attract millions from around the world to Turkey each year.

Each year tens of millions of people from around the world holiday in Turkey, making the transcontinental state one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Bordering both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, the country has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, as well as other natural attractions, such as mountain resorts and forests.

The appeal is compounded by a rich cultural heritage, historic sites dating back millenia, and a cuisine that is famed internationally.

I. Natural Beauties

The early start and long duration of the summer has been effective in the development of economical sea tourism of natural and clean beaches. When the maquis, oak and pine forests and deep blue bays are added to these beauties, many places become tourism centers. Being Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Kuşadası, Çeşme, Manavgat, Side, Kemer, Kaş and Fethiye are the places where sea tourism is most developed.

The mountains in Turkey, natural beauty and has significant potential for winter tourism. Centers in the main where winter sports are held; Bursa (Uludag), Bolu (Kartalkaya), Kayseri (Erciyes), Kastamonu (Ilgaz), Erzurum (Palandoken), and Kars (Sarikamis).

II. Historical Values

Throughout history established very diverse civilizations in Turkey. And Turkey with remaining artifacts from these civilizations has become one of the richest countries.

City hospitals dating back to the Hittites period are encountered in Alacahöyük (Çorum), Kültepe (Kayseri), Aslantepe (Malatya). There are also historical remains of the Urartians, Phrygians, Ions in Anatolia.

Seljuk and Ottoman artifacts dating from the (mosques, khans, baths, and cupolas) there are in almost every part of Turkey. Seljuk works are concentrated in Konya, Kayseri, Sivas, Diyarbakır and Erzurum, and Ottoman works are concentrated in Istanbul, Bursa and Edirne. The martyrdoms in memory of the soldiers who died in the Battle of Çanakkale and the areas where the War of Independence took place are among the places that attract many tourists.

Health Tourism in Turkey

Turkey's biggest advantages: geographical location, climate, ease of international air transport, achievements in health care and aesthetic operations, lower costs. Turkey is an ideal area for health tourism.
Hospitals in Turkey are suitable organization to JCI criterion by the professional approach and services. Therefore, health services in Turkey has managed to become the focal point of quality services. Each year an average of 35 million tourists for medical or aesthetic operations come to Turkey.

Turkey; It welcomes health tourists from many Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries, which are struggling with rheumatic diseases due to climatic conditions. In addition, climate, transportation, price, and Turkey, which have considerable advantages in terms of security; Spas, thermal facilities and healing sources attract tourists from Middle Eastern countries especially due to geographical proximity.

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany and private insurance companies in countries such as the Netherlands meet the costs of patients who come to Turkey for the thermal treatment. 

Turkey making large-scale investments in the health sector in recent years, with the latest versions of technology has been having many health center. Besides state-of-the-art devices, it is in an advantageous position against competing countries in the health sector due to its price policies. In the last decade, especially from the Middle East and Europe for the treatment of many patients prefer to Turkey.

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