An Ideal Destination for Health Tourism: Turkey

As a health tourism destination Turkey has several advantages like the cost, quality, infrastructure, treatment options, and culture.

An Ideal Destination for Health Tourism: Turkey

  • 2021-01-01 03:08:21
  • Selcuk Ince

Turkey is both an Asian and European country and is commonly named a Eurasian country. It has borders with Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. With a rich history as a successor of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is unique that blends both Eastern and Western civilisations. Thanks to its economy and infrastructure, Turkey is classified as a regional power. It is also more secular than other countries in the region, but also has close ties with religion.

Turkey has been prominent in the health tourism in last few years, and the average turnover in 2019 is around $1 billion. And 60% of it comes from aesthetic procedures. Around 660 thousand individuals were served in 2019 within the scope of health tourism.

Advantages of Turkey for Medical Treatment

Turkey has the following advantages when it comes to medical facilities:

Cost and Quality: First of all, medical treatment costs are 60 to 80% lower compared to similar procedures in Europe and North America. And you will see highly qualified physicians and hospital staff. Most probably, a healthcare professional with fluent English will get in touch with you.

Infrastructure: Turkey is a gateway between west and east. It’s a country where cultures and traditions blend. Considered as one of the largest airports, Istanbul Airport will accommodate 200 million passengers each year when it becomes fully functional.

Facilities: Turkey has one of the highest ratios of internationally accredited medical facilities. The waiting time can be as early as two weeks compared to the waiting time which can be a couple of months in Europe or the US. You can have several options like a private room, chef, translator, and etc.

Treatment Options: Turkey has many treatment options like hair transplant, aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, rhinoplasty, dental treatment, in-vitro fertilisation, cancer treatment, bariatric surgery, eye surgery, etc.

Opportunities of Turkey: You can easily combine your health visit with a holiday or business trip. And another extra is the hospitality of local people and professionals caring for you. Turkish people always welcome tourists coming from different parts of the world and believe or not they will try to buy a cup of tea right after meeting with you. There are many tourist destinations all over Turkey. For instance, you can have a hair transplant in Istanbul, and also visit some popular museums and historical artifacts from different civilisations.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, Turkey aims for 1.5 million health tourists and $10 billion in revenue. “We are working hard to make Turkey the most preferred country for health tourism,” said one of the senior executives in the healthcare industry.

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